Ina Merethe and Christopher from Norway

Dear Lila, Vanda, and all you other wonderful people at Heliotopos.

We are now at home in cold Norway, to sit and think back on our wonderful dream wedding on the beautiful Santorini which was 12/09/12.

It is already almost 6 months ago, but it feels like yesterday. We have been in Crete before, where we got engaged in 2008. And we’ve already had many years together before too. So to do it this particular way, bring all the family down to this great place to celebrate our wedding there, is something we absolute would recommend to everyone.

We came down on Saturday Sept. 8, and the wedding took place on Wednesday. So we had a few days before the wedding to become familiar with these wonderful wedding planners Lila and Vanda. (…)

And we knew that all we had to do is look forward even more to Wednesday that we got to finally be husband and wife 🙂

Our day started with a lovely breakfast at our wonderful hotel. Then my husband went to his best friend and best man to get ready, while me and my cousin who was my best man would enjoy getting ready; make-up, hair and everything else was pure pleasure.

Eventually it was time for me and my loved ones to be filmed and photographed. Back home in Norway this is usually done after marriage, but doing it before was absolutely much better. It settles the nerves a little to be relaxed and have fun together 🙂
I have never had so much fun in my entire life. A memory for life, just as all this wonderful day.

Eventually we drove back where the ceremony was to be held, and it was then that I knew how much I was aching in my stomach. Wedding nerves deluxe. But when my father came to meet me at the entrance, with flowers in his hand, I felt tears in my eyes, the loveliest dad in the world.

From there an adventure begun. My dad took me down to my wonderful husband, and we gave each other a ‘yes’.

I could write a whole book about this amazing experience. But you can not always put into words something as wonderful as this. I have experienced much good in my life, but this tops it all.

And for this dream wedding, I can only thank Lila, Vanda, and all the other wonderful people at Heliotopos. This day would have NEVER been so wonderfully known if it had not been for them. So we can never thank enough.

We were at this great beauty of the island for two weeks, but felt like 1 year. We experienced a lot of nice things and are left with 1000 memories. A great wedding video, many beautiful pictures and lots of memories in the heart, which will be there forever.

We miss you already Lila and Vanda. You were wonderful, we love you, something we can never describe, but you are some amazing people. And one day I’ll see you again 🙂

So all we can say is THANK YOU.
We will never forget you or our wonderful cooperation we have had.

A fairytale begins ….

Ina Merethe and Christopher