“Love is a temporary madness,
It erupts like volcanoes and then subsides”

Our Videos are a selection of weddings we have organised, created by wedding videographers and  cinematographers.
We hope you love their imagery as much as we do.

Elaine & Paul

An amazing Santorini wedding with Elvis theme!!
The service was also themed using words from the lyrics of Elvis’ songs, even the groom got dressed as Elvis at the end of the night. All the guests joined in the laughs and experienced a phenomenal and very entertaining fun day.
The weather was perfect, the venue amazing, the food delicious!!

Natalie & Paddy

Natalie and Paddy. The most beautiful wedding of a gorgeous couple that came from Scotland. Captured in a superbly done video. So amazing to watch!!!

Paulomi & Kunal

We’re very excited to share with you this gorgeous Indian Wedding all the way from the beautiful Greek Island of Santorini.
We were honoured to have been part of Paulomi & Kunal’s three-day wedding celebrations. Started with a caldera boat tour, the Sangeet and culminated in the wedding ceremony, followed by fireworks and a ‘dance the night away’ beach party.

Dimitrios & Mariano

Dimitris from Greece and Mariano from Argentina. One of the loveliest couples!
The three days of their video show what an amazing time the couple and their guests had.
Private boat tour along the caldera, the wedding ceremony and a horse ride along the sea side are scenes in this video that capture the love and joy that the couple was embraced with from all of us.

Chrissie & Graeme

Chrissie and Graeme came from Scotland to get married in Santorini. As decoration for the altar they brought from home a sign that says it all: “I love him & he loves me…We’ll be married by the sea!” And as you can see in this video this is precisely what the lovely couple did. A breathtaking background of the blue sea, the blue sky and a romantic atmosphere with a great sunset for their first dance. A young beautiful couple in love, having their beloved families and friends to share with them their happiness.

Janet & Francis

Janet from Hong Kong and Francis from Belgium met in Switzerland and got married in Greece. Guests from all over the world witness the lovely couple’s ceremony at one of the most wonderful and historic Wineries in the island. The reception that followed had some great surprises for the guests. You can see in this video one of them: the wedding cake!

Elena & Tarik

Elena and Tarik two different cultures in one ceremony: Elena came from Ukraine and Tarik from Egypt.
They met in England and got married in Santorini. Guests came from all over the world.
Their wedding ceremony was held in mid October and you can witness in this video how amazing the weather is in Greece throughout the year!!

Seema & Sam

Seema and Sam two different cultures in one ceremony: the Indian one. Their choice had as a result their three days celebrations with Sangeet, Char Puja, Pithi, Mehndi and Wedding ceremony to bring the most colourful rainbow in Greece!