In Weddings in Greece by Heliotopos we have extensive experience in destination weddings in all over the country. Please find bellow an brief description of our most popular destinations!

Athens is known as the birthplace of civilization, democracy and some of the wisest men in ancient history.  Athens today is a…more

The island of Crete could be a country in itself.  With its Minoan ruins, Samaria Gorge, and wonderful beaches and villages, Crete is a different world…more

Milos, the island that rises welcomingly out of the sea in the southwest corner of Cyclades. The island which…more

Mykonos basks in the middle of the Aegean and is located 94 nautical miles east of Piraeus…more

Paros is located at the heart of the Cyclades Islands. This island boasts 120kms of coastline along with all sorts of swimming…more

The enchanting island of the Southern Aegean Sea is a miracle. A blessed site of incredible beauty, created by the most terrifying and violent disaster in nature…more

Spetses island is a graphic small island very close to Athens…more

Greece has attracted visitors for thousands of years.  The country…more

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